• Nasia as Nova Rose, an international pop star; main protagonist
  • Tyler as Captain Geoff McMaury, a detective put on the kidnapping case and Nova's and love interest
  • Ellie as Veronica "Ronnie" Rose, Nova's 18-year-old little sister who gets kidnapped and held for ransom
  • Joey as Di, Ronnie's kidnapper
  • Andrew as Eric, Nova's abusive boyfriend
  • John as Wesley, Nova's money hungry manager
  • Shan as Maggie Rose, Nova's psychic mother who suffers from Alzheimer's
  • Tom as Roger, one of Di's henchmen
  • Mau as Leo, one of Di's henchmen
  • Brandon as Zachary, Nova's good friend who's openly gay
  • Nadia as Marina, Maggie's live-in aid who's from Indonesia
  • Mark as Liam, Marina's boyfriend
  • Delilah as Obsessed Fan, cameo


The movie is about an international pop star named Nova Rose who's little sister Ronnie is kidnapped and held for ransom. It chronicles her attempts to find her while she balances her love life.