Saints is a fanfic using the users of OFIBTY Wiki. It was inspired by the UK television show Skins. All characters are currently students in the fictional Saints College in Manchester, England.


Main CastEdit

  • Alicia Josipovic as Nasia Artist, a party girl who somehow hides her drug addictions from everyone close to her
  • Crystal Reed as Shannon "Shan" Donnegan, a sweet girl who must learn to support her newly broke family
  • Bella Thorne as Eloise "Ellie" Hyacinth, Mau's anti-social little sister
  • Freddie Highmore as Mauricio "Mau" Hyacinth, a manipulative but trustworthy friend
  • Vanessa Morgan as Delilah McCool, a rebellious rocker chick
  • Brant Daughterty as Joey Mitchell, a sweet and smart boy who is insecure with himself
  • Selena Gomez as Nina Prescott, a sweet religious girl with a hopeless crush
  • Alex Pettyfer as Tyler Presley, a womanizing yet sensitive young man
  • Josh Hutcherson as John Ryder, a footballer with a menacing past
  • Hayden Panetteire as Cassidy Williams, a newly out of the closet girl hoping to explore her sexuality


Series 1Edit

# Title Featured Character(s) Total
1 "Shan" Shan Donnegan 1
After hearing the news of her mother's company going bankrupt and herself having to become the sole provider in her family, Shan decides to go out with her friends to get her mind off of it but things don't exactly go as planned.
2 "Cassidy" Cassidy Williams 2
In the aftermath of the wild night the group had, it's time for the first day of college. With Cassidy's body barely functioning, she takes all it takes to get to school when she bumps into the same girl she met at the club the previous night, despite her not remembering anything about Cassidy.
3 "Mau" Mau Hyacinth 3
While walking through town, Mau meets the girl of his dreams, but too bad his devilish little sister always has to screw up anything that goes good for him.
4 "Ellie" Ellie Hyacinth 4
After feeling remorse for the first time as the result of something she's done, Ellie feels like she's losing her touch. She decides to go to a party with much older men there with her best friend but will someone come to her rescue before things get out of hand?
5 "Delilah & Joey" Delilah McCool and Joey Mitchell 5
After the wild night in the club, Delilah and Joey are now hopelessly in love, but will Delilah's mom end up coming between this and steal away Joey?
6 "Tyler" Tyler Presley 6
After introducing his new girlfriend Lily to his friends, he's instantly offended by their negative comments on her. After this, he makes it his mission to make the rest enjoy her company.
7 "Nina" Nina Prescott 7
Nina decides to throw a girls-only slumber party at her house when her parents decide to go out for the weekend, but will this seemingly innocent party be as innocent as expected?
8 "John" John Ryder 8
John is one of the most popular kids in school and always has girls vying for his attention. But when he discovers he has a stalker that he thinks he may be falling for, what's going to happen?
9 "Nasia" Nasia Artist 9
Has everyone forgotten about Nasia? When she sneaks off does anyone ever wonder what she's doing? Where she's going? But after her best friend Delilah discovers drugs of all sorts in her home she finally confronts her about it.
10 "Everyone" Everyone 10
With everyone finally happy, it seems like no negative thing could possibly happen, but boy is that wrong. Only one couple will remain, but with one will it be?